4-H Alberta Discontinues 1-800 Numbers

4-H Alberta Discontinues 1-800 Numbers

4-H Alberta discontinues toll-free 1-800 numbers, effective immediately

Combining three organizations that operated 4-H in Alberta into one organization, 4-H Alberta, required streamlining its contact information.  As part of the streamlining and transfer process, effective immediately, 4-H Alberta is discontinuing the previously existing 1-800 numbers used by the 4-H Council of Alberta, the 4-H Foundation of Alberta, and the 4-H Section of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. It wasn’t possible to transfer the existing 1-800 numbers to 4-H Alberta without overcoming significant technical challenges and high costs.

Toll-free numbers are costly to operate. 4-H Alberta has deemed the cost to operate 1-800 numbers too high to continue as it moves forward.  In today’s world of cell phone plans offering nationwide calling and the low cost of long-distance rates on landline plans, the cost to call provincial numbers is either free or very low.  In contrast, toll-free numbers cost 4-H Alberta a high cost-per-minute rate for EVERY call received, regardless if called from a cellular or landline phone with a long-distance plan.

4-H Alberta has simplified its contact information by providing one number to call answered by a staff member during business hours at the 4-H Centre.  If staff are busy or on another call, you will be directed to a voice message system and will receive a call back at the earliest opportunity.  Several direct contact numbers can be found on our contact page for staff contacts.  For a list of 4-H Alberta staff with contact information, please visit Contacts.

The 4-H Alberta main phone number is 780-682-2153. 4-H Alberta is currently updating its contact information in all other locations and directories.

4-H Alberta understands this may be an issue or concern for some in our community. Still, we ask for your understanding as we move forward in serving our community in better and more efficient ways.