2020/2021 The Best is Yet to Come

Hello fellow 4H members, my name is Ayden, and my topic today is about my goals for the 2020/2021 4H club year.

My first goal is how to help my 4H project ewe lambs from 2019 give birth to lambs.  The reason I would like to learn how to help female sheep give birth to lambs is because I have not helped ewes give birth before.  My two ewes will be in a pen with a ram for a few more days, before taking the ram out of the pen that my ewes are in.  I would like to help my ewes birth because I do not want them to be in undue stress or pain while giving birth.  I also want to make sure that my ewes do not have complicated births or if they do that I am prepared to help them.  This is my ewes’ first time lambing and I do not want them to be scared.  These are the reasons I would like to learn how to help female sheep give birth to lambs.

My second goal is to learn more about agriculture on a working sheep farm.  My family is starting a working sheep farm on our hobby farm.  At the moment we have 42 sheep in the farm’s sheep flock and will be growing to over 100 this year.  Agriculture is an important passion on our sheep farm. My family wants to get to 1000 sheep in the next 3 or 4 years.  I would like to be a big help on the farm and do my best to help our farm grow.  These are the reasons why I would like to learn more about agriculture.

My third goal is to participate in more 4H fundraisers for the Cremona 4H club.  The Cremona 4H club often gives money to communities for use of their public buildings.  The club also has to afford the ear tags for the animals and the 4H binders and record books for the

club as well as gives funds for us to do classes, such as the inter club multi judging.  4H fundraisers also make a great opportunity to help the communities and to make new friends.  One example of a fundraiser is tire recycling.  Tire recycling is when the club gets sorted into teams and goes to farms to take tires to the local waste depot. This helps the community by reducing the labour and costs to local farmers in removing their tires from their farms.these are my reasons why I would like to participate in more 4H fundraisers.

I am excited for what the 2020/2021 4H year has in store for me and my club.  I look forward to learning by doing and creating more community, while accomplishing my 2020/2021 4H goals.