Agriculture and Food Production

Hi my name is Levi, I´m from Mexico.

I have been living in Alberta, Canada. Since 2 two years ago. This is my first project at 4H and I want to say that I´m so happy to write about how agriculture and food production change my life.

Here in Canada, Alberta is the canadian province that produces the largest amount of beef in the entire country, Alberta has a large number of cattle, which is the basis of the livelihood of many Canadian families, at present this has also generated that a considerable number of people from other countries like me and my family can emigrate and work in the field and with the production of livestock, this in order to lead a better life.

This has allowed me to learn a second language and personally it has motivated me to interact with the livestock and the operation and the importance of caring for the land for the production of food, I have been able to see that the planting of different foods is a work that deserves a lot of dedication, in Canada these processes are affected by the climate and the harvest must be successful to be able to maintain the challenge of the year.

Within this activity, what I like the most is being able to see that there are quality of life processes that are necessary for animals, such as the introduction of livestock to farms with high quality standards in animal health, the varied and complete diets for livestock, and the complex logistics in the shipping area for the transfer both in the purchase and in the sale