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Introducing Project in a Weekend: A Unique Opportunity for 4-H Senior Members

Complete Your Project and Record Book in One Weekend and Focus on Other Club Requirements

Are you a Senior 4-H member looking for a time-efficient way to complete your project for the 2023-24 club year? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce “Project in a Weekend,” a fantastic opportunity for members like you to complete your project and record book in just one weekend. This innovative approach allows you to focus on fulfilling other club requirements while also exploring new project interests.

Project in a Weekend Guidelines:

  • Open to Senior 4-H members only
  • Participants must plan to enroll in the 2023-24 4-H club year
  • Full weekend attendance is required (12-15 hours of project time)
  • A project record book insert must be completed during the weekend

Upon completion of the weekend, participants will receive a certificate to present to their club leader, confirming the completion of their project. With your project and record book out of the way, you can concentrate on meeting the other requirements necessary to be a member in good standing.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to make the most of your time as a Senior 4-H member! Stay tuned for more information on registration and scheduling for “Project in a Weekend.”

If you have any questions about Project in a Weekend, please email:

Project in a Weekend PDF Document

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