The Top 5 Things I Like About 4-H as a Cleaver Kid

As a fellow cleaver 4-H’er, 5 things I like about 4-H are that there are so many 4-H clubs you join like 4-H Beef Club,4-H Sheep Club and so many more. But the one we will be focusing on today is 4-H Multi Club. What I love about 4-H Multi club, (which is the one I am in) is that there are so many activities like archery, baking, sewing, seed art, pheasants etc. At least those are the ones we have done over the last couple years. At the beginning at the first meeting, you get to choose your top 5 activities you want to do, then three of them you will do.

What I also love about 4-H is that there is a lot of community service you can help with like the Coaldale Remembrance Day ceremony and you can do some highway cleanup in May.

But of course, because of covid we might not get to some of these things. In a normal year there would be a Christmas party which is always fun. We get to eat lots of yummy food and go to an awesome place. Like last year we went to the Taber swimming pool. There is also Achievement day. Which I like since you get to show off all the stuff you’ve done that year on a poster. But lastly what I like about 4-H is that everyone is so nice. Which also makes a 4-H club great. Those are the top 5 things I like about 4-H as a cleaver kid.