4-H Alberta Bylaws Draft

4-H Alberta Bylaws Draft


To the 4-H Alberta community – The Governance Committee of the 4-H Alberta Board recently invited each of the Regional 4-H Councils from across Alberta to discuss a draft of bylaws. These bylaws were presented for Regional Councils’ consideration as a potential set of bylaws for all Regional Councils. It is felt that this would create consistency and assist in good governance practices throughout the province. We went through a PowerPoint with each Region, and based on comments and suggestions provided during those presentations, we have made many notes and have also added a number of changes to the original draft bylaws.

The presentation process is intended to receive feedback on the draft bylaws presented. The Governance Committee, who presented the information, clearly stated their intention to receive constructive feedback with the full intent to take that feedback seriously. Names and contact information have been provided at the end of the PowerPoint, so we please ask that your feedback be provided in that manner. The link to the PowerPoint can be found here: Draft Regional Bylaw Presentation.

One slide in the PowerPoint refers to the concept of amalgamation of East and West Central Regions, Calgary and South Regions, and possibly a few Districts. This amalgamation refers to the recommendations of the 2019 Engagement report following the engagement sessions conducted across the province. The current board felt that this was a significant recommendation with many implications and needed to obtain additional feedback from the community. It was important to present this concept while presenting the draft bylaws so that it could be fully explained in context to properly understand what had evolved out of work that had been previously conducted.

It is very important to note that in this entire process, nothing is predetermined, no decisions have been made, and we truly value your constructive feedback and will use it to ensure the best decisions are made across our community.

We have endeavoured to make this a transparent process with each Regional Council. We continue to ask for your constructive feedback on all information presented. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have. We appreciate your time and commitment to 4-H.

Thank you.

Governance Committee

4-H Alberta Board of Directors