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4-H Award of Excellence

The 4-H Alberta Awards of Excellence is a series of four 4-H Alberta awards designed to recognize the achievements of 4-H members. The awards are based on the accumulated total of the member’s yearly 4-H Diary points.

Encourage your 4-H club members to complete their diaries each year. The diaries are not only serve as a great personal record of the members’ 4-H experience; they also are required for participation in the Selections program, and for 4-H Scholarship Applications. To download the 4-H Diaries click here.

Once a member has reached one of the following point levels, the leader can order an Award of Excellence to be presented to the 4-H member. To order, complete the 4-H Alberta Award of Excellence Order Form (see reverse) and send it to your Area Coordinator.

Eligibility Requirements   

4-H Diary Points Needed
Approximate Years to Obtain
  • Clubs may apply once per year for awards.
  • Members can receive one award each year. If a member is eligible for a silver or gold award and has not received a bronze award, you can order a lower award so the member can collect the whole set. However, if this is the member’s last year in 4-H, you will want to order the highest award the member is eligible for. If you have questions, please contact your Regional 4-H Office.

The order form for the 4-H Award of Excellence is available as a fillable PDF – download to your computer and you can fill out and then save/print the form.

Contact your Area Coordinator – Regional Contacts


Ambassadors are chosen each year at the Provincial 4‑H Selections program to represent youth and 4‑H. They spend a two-year term exemplifying the leadership, communication and personal development skills for which Alberta’s 4‑H program is recognized.

To be eligible to become an ambassador, a senior member must:

  • Place in the top half of all the delegates attending Selections based on their diary points, a quiz and group session scores
  • Demonstrate cooperative behavior and effective communication skills
  • Display a positive attitude and a high degree of maturity throughout the weekend
  • Participate in Ambassador training session

Ambassadors create a marketing plan that includes:

  • Club presentations to promote 4‑H provincial programs
  • Sponsor appreciation
  • Represent 4-H members at provincial and regional events
  • Presentations at Provincial 4‑H Leaders’ Conference
  • Writing articles for the 4‑H magazine
  • Media interviews to promote 4‑H
  • Participation in presentation ceremonies at provincial events

As well, Ambassadors attend training sessions to learn skills relevant to their future career paths, and discuss the direction of the Ambassador program.

Ambassador Contact – Susann Stone

Contact: Susann Stone

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) Report  –  Sept 2018  |  Feb 2018


The Youth Advisory Committee’s (YAC) purpose is to be the youth voice for 4-H Canada. The representative chosen for this role will have strong leadership skills, willingness to share opinions and perspectives, will be a team player, respectful, and trustworthy. Above all they are passionate about 4-H and committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment for all youth involved.

Term for YAC Representatives

  • On youth advisor will be selected from each province
  • Two year terms
  • Meetings take place monthly by teleconference
  • Travel coordinated through 4-H Canada

4-H Canada’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is looking for a new Alberta member—could it be you?

YAC is the youth voice for 4-H Canada and all representatives bring their passion for 4-H, leadership skills and positivity to the table. The Alberta member should be willing to share their opinions and perspectives while building a respectful and inclusive environment for all youth involved with the committee.

This two-year volunteer commitment is open to current and past 4-H Alberta members in good standing, between the ages of 18-25. The time commitment is approximately 2 hours per month with most meetings held via teleconference. The representative will be required to submit timely YAC reports to 4-H Alberta, promote national 4-H programs, and connect with 4-H Alberta Ambassadors as a resource.

Please review the YAC Member Job Description before completing the YAC Member Application Form. Submit completed application forms to before the December 2, 2019 deadline. We thank all members for their interest in becoming Alberta’s next YAC representative. Only complete application forms can be accepted. Interviews will be conducted during the first week of December.

Application Deadline: December 2, 2019

YAC Member Job Description

YAC Member Application Form

Contact: Susann Stone

The Premier’s Award has been presented to outstanding 4-H members since 1964. 

Each year, one outstanding 4-H member is chosen at the Provincial 4-H Selections program to represent 4- H as the Premier’s Award Recipient.

The winner represents 4-H Alberta members at the following year’s Provincial 4-H Leaders’Conference and Selections Award Breakfast. As well, they will attend one event per region at the request of the Area Coordinator. The highlights include meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and Premier of Alberta.

Contact: Susann Stone

Premier Award Recipients

4-H Alberta offers various Leadership Development and Chaperone travel opportunities.  These opportunities give leaders the chance to travel nationally and internationally, meet fellow 4-H leaders and/or members, and expand their own leadership skills, knowledge and experience.  All leaders registered with 4-H Alberta are eligible to apply for these opportunities.

Amanda Hardman (pictured), 17, from the Stony Riders 4-H Club is the 2019 4-H Alberta Premier’s Award recipient

Travel Award

4‑H members who attend Selections, Equine Extravaganza or the Provincial Judging Competition are eligible for various award trips. Each year, over 80 senior 4‑H members receive travel opportunities through 4-H.

Contact: Susann Stone

Excellence in Ag Program

Federated Co-operatives Limited is pleased to offer the Excellence in Ag Program to students who are enrolled in or will be entering an agriculture or business degree or diploma program. The Excellence in Ag Program is very unique as it offers scholarships, paid summer internships, and full-time career opportunities upon graduation.

The future of agriculture and agribusiness is extremely bright and students will have the opportunity to develop and grow within an innovative and diverse industry. The Excellence in Ag Program from Federated Co-operatives Limited and the Co-operative Retailing System provides the student with support from the time they start their studies to the launching of their future career. The program helps finance their education with an annual scholarship of $5000; they will gain valuable field experience while working at a retail co-op and build their professional career within the agriculture industry.

Please submit application and all necessary documents to:

FCL Home Office by mail:
Crop Supplies – Excellence in Ag Program Federated Co-operatives Limited
P.O. Box 1050
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3M9
Or by email: