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Thank You!

If you prefer to send a donation in by cheque, it can be mailed to the 4-H Alberta Centre at the following address:

4-H Alberta Centre
℅ Development Team
RR 1, Site 7, Box 10
Westerose, AB T0C 2V0


Thank you for your support! If you would like to make a donor directed donation (i.e. donation to a specific project), please contact the development team at to discuss.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 587.583.3152

Charitable Tax Receipt Information

Charity Auction Events or Initiatives that Involve Charitable Tax Receipts:

  • 4-H Alberta is proud to support a culture of philanthropy amongst our community and as a registered charity, it must adhere to specific fundraising guidelines as mandated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). To effectively support our community in its fundraising efforts, we ask that any group seeking charitable tax receipts to be issued for contributions to please contact 4-H Alberta’s Development Team at prior to making any commitments to potential donors.
  • Gifts must be given freely and at arms length. Gifts can be given to 4-H Alberta in the form of monetary donations or gifts-in-kind such as gifts of property or non-cash gifts.
  • Not all gifts-in-kind qualify for charitable tax receipts such as gifts of services, gift certificates, non-cash gifts for which fair market value cannot be determined, loans of property, pledges, court-ordered donations, a gift that gives a donor an advantage whose fair market value is more than 80% of the value of the gift, and other restrictions. More information is available on the Canada Revenue Agency website here.
  • Gift-in-kind requires proof of fair market value and may require a third party appraisal. If you are interested in providing a gift-in-kind to 4-H Alberta please contact the 4-H Alberta Development Team to learn more.
  • If a group is planning on hosting or being the beneficiary of a charity auction event, the organiser must be in contact with 4-H Alberta’s Development Team to ensure we can effectively support groups in providing charitable tax receipts for donor contributions, where eligible. Charity auctions would be one example of this, where the purchaser may be eligible for a charitable tax receipt for a portion of the purchase price, if the correct preparation is completed and proper payment and documentation procedures are followed.
  • Please contact 4-H Alberta’s Development team at for more information on charitable donations including monetary donations, gift-in-kind donations, gifts of securities, and legacy gifts.