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Provincial Equine Advisory Committee (PEAC)

  • Horse Showing

Most 4-H regions have a Regional 4-H Horse Show and there are many horse shows throughout the province that 4-H members may want to participate in.

The following will provide you with some basic information about what is generally expected at horse shows and for some of the more common classes. Please be aware that each region has its own rules regarding the specifics of their shows and it is important that you become familiar with them before you attend the show.

Horse Showing (complete resource, individual sections listed below)

English Classes
English Tack
Gymkhana, Games and Timed Events
Miscellaneous Classes
Rodeo and Cattle Events
Western Classes
Western Tack

  • Horse Racing Alberta Promotion – want to reach out to 4-H and youth clubs, invite them to spend the day at the track, and so on. Anyone interested should contact Theresa Sealy (Assistant to Manager of Backstretch Programs) Tel: 403-540-9707 or 1-888-553-7223 or via email tsealy@thehorses.com

Beef Advisory Committee (BAC)

Sheep Advisory Committee (ShAC)