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Make Every Moment Count!

Childhood passes in the blink of an eye. At 4-H we believe in making each second of it count; that’s why our programs are designed to create unforgettable memories while developing skills and personal characteristics that last a lifetime!

4-H programs focus on developing self-confidence, teamwork, interpersonal and leadership skills. Whether it’s a summer camp built around having a blast in the great outdoors, a program that helps youth take ownership of their choices and their future, or a combination of the two that allows them to find their own entrepreneurial spirit and take pride in their achievements, 4-H programs provide the meaningful experiences every child deserves.

It’ll be awesome. We guarantee it.

Club & Program Fees Information

4-H Club and Provincial Payments Information

4-H Alberta collects membership fees and program fees at the provincial level while regional and district programs currently collect these fees at the regional and/or district levels. 

Fees may be submitted online with MasterCard and VISA credit cards when registering your club or when registering for a provincial 4-H program. MasterCard Debit and VISA Debit cards are also accepted and these are processed as credit card transactions only and not as account debit transactions. This is the easiest and quickest way to complete a club or provincial program registration. Once submitted online, you can access a receipt for your payment by logging in with your username and password to the online registration system. Both individuals and clubs may access receipts via their 4-H Alberta online profiles. Fees may also be submitted by contacting the 4-H Registrar with a MasterCard or VISA credit card.  The Registrar may be reached at 1.877.682.2244, 780.898.3037 (direct line) or 1.877.682.2153 – option “press 1”. 

Another option is to mail cheques to 4-H Alberta office at RR 1 Site 7 Box 1, Westerose, AB. T0C 2V0.  The record of your club’s membership fees payments, refunds and transfers are recorded as part of your club’s profile in the online registration system. If you are the club’s General Leader and/or Club Registrar, you can see the financial information by following these instructions.

The record of an individual’s fees payments and refunds are similarly recorded as part of your 4-H profile in the online registration system.  Individuals (members, leaders, volunteers) can also log in by following these instructions.

  • Log in to with your leader, member or volunteer username and password.
  • Click on “Program Registration” and all programs you’ve registered for will appear.
  • Select the appropriate receipt by clicking on it: “Receipt: 0000-00DE00F0”.

For more information about provincial fees payments and receipts, contact:

4-H Registrar
Phone: 780.682-2648, Toll Free: 1.877.682.2244
Cell: 780.898.3037