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Funding opportunities supported by 4-H Alberta are an excellent way to help your club raise money to cover the costs of club administration and social activities.  They also help 4-H Alberta cover some of its administrative and operating costs as a percentage of some fundraising opportunities  is shared with 4-H Alberta..

The funding opportunities  listed below have been approved by 4-H Alberta and are available to clubs across the province. Please read the information carefully prior to selecting a fundraiser(s) that suit your club or applying for sponsor funding. 4-H Alberta will continue to work with fundraising partners on new fundraisers and fundraising opportunities and update this page regularly and as new opportunities transpire. 

Please contact or 780-682-2153 for more information.

Club Funding Through 4-H Alberta Sponsors

4-H Alberta enjoys longstanding and strong partnerships with its sponsors and supporters which also benefit our clubs and districts. Some of our sponsors extend funding to our clubs and districts which are accessible as follows:

AltaLink Communications Program Funding

  • Each year, AltaLink provides funding for 4-H Alberta’s communications program on a club, district, regional, and provincial level
  • Funding will be distributed to clubs, districts, and regions at the beginning of the calendar year – no action required

Alberta Recycling Management Authority Fundraising

  • Please see Tire and Electronics Recycling

UFA Funds 4-H Clubs and Districts

  • UFA provide up to $80,000 in funding available to 4-H Alberta clubs and districts
  • Applications are open starting January 2022 (exact application launch date still to be confirmed)
  • Please visit to complete and submit your application

AFSC 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund

  • AFSC provides up to $500 for 4-H Alberta clubs, districts and region in Alberta, on a first-come, first-serve basis until all funds are allotted
  • Applications are open starting January 2022 (exact application launch date still to be confirmed)
  • Please visit to complete and submit your application

Cervus Equipment Club and District Funding Opportunities

  • Cervus Equipment dealerships and stores will consider funding for clubs and districts in their immediate operating areas
  • Funding is available year-round and upon request, based on Cervus Equipment consideration and funding availability
  • To inquire about funding, please visit your local Cervus Equipment dealership or store

FortisAlberta Community Cares Grant

  • FortisAlberta provides funding for 4-H Alberta clubs that engage in community improvement and/or community cleanup projects in the FortisAlberta operating area
  • Each year, six (6) clubs will have the opportunity to apply for $500 club funding to support those community enhancement projects
  • Applications will open in January 2022 (exact application launch date still to be confirmed) and interested clubs can apply for funding by accessing the online application (link to be posted in early January)

Rocky View County Club Funding

  • Rocky View County provides funding to 4-H Alberta clubs residing in Rockyview 4-H District
  • Funding will be sent to the Rockyview 4-H District and then distributed to eligible 4-H Alberta clubs

Additional funding through National 4-H Canada partnerships may be available throughout the club year and will be shared as opportunities arise. 

Alberta Recycling

4-H Alberta Rural Tire and Electronics Recycling is a partnership between 4-H Alberta and the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling). Its purpose is to collect scrap tires from Alberta farms, acreages, and residences. The Electronics Roundup is designed to collect unused televisions, computers, monitors, laptops, printers, and accessories from Alberta farms and residences.

The Program runs year-round and clubs can register with 4-H Alberta quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). 4-H Alberta will ensure the Tire Collection and Recycling Forms are filled out correctly and then submit them to Alberta Recycling who will conduct spot checks to verify the information and ensure the tires have been collected according to the Program guidelines. They will then pay 4-H based on the verified information. 

To register your Club or District for the recycling program please fill out the attached google form here: Register my Club for Tire or Electronics Recycling

Alberta Highway Clean Up

The highway cleanup program is held annually on the first or second Saturday in May, as weather permits. Clubs may request certain sections of Highways, but award will depend on availability (first come first serve basis). The amount of kilometres awarded will depend on the number of participants. Alberta Transportation recommends one kilometre for every two participants. For example if an organization has 20 participants then the maximum number of kilometres awarded will be approximately 10. Payment will be made on a per km basis at the rates shown below.

  • “A” Rate (Urban Rate) – $100.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides. This rate shall apply to all roadways within 16 kms of an urban center that has a population of over 5,000.
  • “B” Rate (Special Area Rate) – $100.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides. The department shall identify all Special Area roadways prior to cleanup registration day. The Minister’s representative, may, at their discretion, deem a roadway to be a special area roadway due to an unusually high concentration of garbage.
  • “C” Rate (Rural Rate) – $55.00/km of highway right-of-way cleaned on both sides, on all other roadways.

Participants must be at least 9 years of age. Suggested supervision is 1 adult for every 2 children under the age of 14. Participants 14-18 years of age require less supervision (5 per adult supervisor).

For the safety of all participants, the medians on divided highways are not to be cleaned. Only the outer ditches shall be cleaned on divided highways. Participants are required to take safety training.

Filled garbage bags are placed along the outer edge of the highway shoulders and will be disposed of by the Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation maintenance contractor.

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation will supply all necessary materials including safety manuals, safety vests and garbage bags.

Your participation in the Annual Highway Cleanup Program or Caring for Alberta’s Highways (Adopt-a-Highway) Program is welcome.

The annual highway cleanup program is set-up as a fundraiser event. Although the program was originally established for associations such as the 4H and Scouts, all groups and clubs are now encouraged to participate.

Highway Cleanup Programs

Managing Supervisor’s Handbook  |  Supervisor Training – YouTube

Safety Plan Form  | Incident Report Form  |  Evaluation Report Form

Participant Guidelines and Rules  |  Participant Training – YouTube

Alberta Transportation Highway Cleanup Contacts

Alberta Transportation Highway Cleanup Web Site

Charitable Tax Receipt Information

Charity Auction Events or Initiatives that Involve Charitable Tax Receipts:

  • 4-H Alberta is proud to support a culture of philanthropy amongst our community and as  a registered charity, it must adhere to specific fundraising guidelines as mandated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  To effectively support our community in its fundraising efforts, we ask that any group seeking charitable tax receipts to be issued for contributions to please contact 4-H Alberta’s Development Team at prior to making any commitments to potential donors.
  • Gifts must be given freely and at arms length. Gifts can be given to 4-H Alberta in the form of monetary donations or gifts-in-kind such as gifts of property or non-cash gifts.
  • Not all gifts-in-kind qualify for charitable tax receipts such as gifts of services, gift certificates, non-cash gifts for which fair market value cannot be determined, loans of property, pledges, court-ordered donations, a gift that gives a donor an advantage whose fair market value is more than 80% of the value of the gift, and other restrictions. More information is available on the Canada Revenue Agency website here
  • Gift-in-kind require proof of fair market value and may require a third party appraisal. If you are interested in providing a gift-in-kind to 4-H Alberta please contact the 4-H Alberta Development Team to learn more. 
  • If a group is planning on hosting or being the beneficiary of a charity auction event, the organiser must be in contact with 4-H Alberta’s Development Team to ensure we can effectively support groups in providing charitable tax receipts for donor contributions, where eligible.  Charity auctions would be one example of this, where the purchaser may be eligible for a charitable tax receipt for a portion of the purchase price, if the correct preparation is completed and proper payment and documentation procedures are followed.

Please contact 4-H Alberta’s Development team at for more information on charitable donations including monetary donations, gift-in-kind donations, gifts of securities, and legacy gifts.