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Funding opportunities supported by 4-H Alberta are an excellent way to help your club raise money to cover the costs of club administration and social activities.  They also help 4-H Alberta cover some of its administrative and operating costs as a portion of some fundraising opportunities are shared with 4-H Alberta, like the Tire and Electronics Recycling Program.

For more fundraising tips, tricks, and guidelines, please check out the  Club Fundraising Tool Kit for more information.

The funding opportunities listed below have been approved by 4-H Alberta and are available to clubs across the province. Please read the information carefully prior to selecting a fundraiser(s) that suit your club or applying for sponsor funding. 4-H Alberta will continue to work with fundraising partners on new fundraisers and fundraising opportunities and update this page regularly and as new opportunities transpire. 

Please contact or 780-682-2153 for more information.

Club Funding Through 4-H Alberta Sponsors

4-H Alberta enjoys longstanding and strong partnerships with its sponsors and supporters which also benefit our clubs and districts. Some of our sponsors extend funding to our clubs and districts which are accessible as follows:

AFSC Grassroots Funding

  • AFSC provides up to $300 for 4-H clubs in Alberta, on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds are allotted.
  • The online application for the AFSC 4-H Alberta Grassroot Fund will open on October 3, 2023
  • To learn more, visit
  • Deadline for applications is December 13, 2023.

AltaLink Communications Program Funding

  • Each year, AltaLink provides funding for 4-H Alberta’s communications program on a club, district, regional, and provincial level
  • Funding will be distributed to clubs, districts, and regions at the beginning of the calendar year – no action required

Alberta Recycling Management Authority Fundraising

  • Please see Tire and Electronics Recycling

UFA Funds 4-H Clubs and Districts

  • UFA provide up to $80,000 in funding available to 4-H Alberta clubs and districts
  • Application will open on November 1, 2023
  • Please visit to complete and submit your application

FortisAlberta Community Cares Grant

  • FortisAlberta provides funding for 4-H Alberta clubs that engage in community improvement and/or community cleanup projects in the FortisAlberta operating area
  • Each year, six (6) clubs will have the opportunity to apply for $500 club funding to support those community enhancement projects
  • Applications will open in January 2024 (exact application launch date still to be confirmed) and interested clubs can apply for funding by accessing the online application (link to be posted in early January)

RBC Community Club Grant

  • RBC will once again provide direct support for 4-H Alberta Clubs available on a first-come/ first-serve basis
  • Application will launch in Spring of 2024

Rocky View County Club Funding

  • Rocky View County provides funding to 4-H Alberta clubs residing in Rockyview 4-H District
  • Funding will be sent to the Rockyview 4-H District and then distributed to eligible 4-H Alberta clubs

Additional funding through National 4-H Canada partnerships may be available throughout the club year and will be shared as opportunities arise. 

Alberta Recycling

4-H Alberta 4-H Rural Tire Roundup is a partnership between 4-H Alberta and the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA).  Its purpose is to collect scrap tires from Alberta farms, acreages and residences. 

The program runs year-round, and clubs can register with 4-H Alberta quarterly: Quarter 1 – April to June, Quarter 2—July to September, Quarter 3—October to December, and Quarter 4—January to March. 

Tire & Electronic Recycling Program Guide: 4-H Rural Recycling Roundup Guide

In order to keep all clubs updated of new program information we require all Clubs and Districts to register for recycling quarterly. Register My Club

250+ Tire Collection Approval Form: Large Volume Tire Pickup Request 

Preapproval from ARMA (in writing) is required for ANY collection over 250 tires. This includes multiple small collections from a single source over the quarter that total more than 250 tires. The Large Volume Tire Collection Approval Form should be submitted with as much information as possible, including photographs, to ensure the request can be issued as quickly as possible.  

Please send the 250+ Tire Collection Approval Form to:

Tire Collection Forms: 4-H Tire Collection Form

Tire Collection Forms need to be submitted at the end of every quarter. This may be done through email to: or mail to:

4-H Alberta
RR 1 Site 7 Box 1 
Westerose, AB

T0C 2V0

Tire Recycle Evaluation Form

Your feedback is valued to make this a stronger 4-H Alberta Fundraiser. Please answer the following questions in the form 4- H Tire Recycle Evaluation Form.  Pictures from your collection would be greatly appreciated. They may be emailed to:

Interested in Electronic Recycling? Follow the link for more information:

If you have any questions regarding the recycling program, please contact: or (780) 682-2153


Alberta Highway Clean Up

The program is an Alberta Transportation led program and not under the guidance or administration of 4-H Alberta. For additional information please visit

If you decide to participate in the program, please ensure you are safe and follow all Alberta Transportation rules including age and supervision. Note that participants cannot be under the age of 9 even if they are registered as a member in the 4-H Alberta program.

We do not have a 4-H Alberta staff contact for the Highway Cleanup program as this is not a 4-H Alberta program, it is an Alberta Transportation program.

If clubs have any issues or trouble getting paid, please contact:

Moh Ashraf, M.Sc., P.Eng
Highway Operations Engineer
Technical Standards  Branch
Planning, Finance and Technical Standards Division
Alberta Transportation
Government of Alberta
 Tel   780-415-1030
Fax  780-422-2027


Alberta Transportation Highway Cleanup Web Site

Charitable Tax Receipt Information

Charity Auction Events or Initiatives that Involve Charitable Tax Receipts:

  • 4-H Alberta is proud to support a culture of philanthropy amongst our community and as  a registered charity, it must adhere to specific fundraising guidelines as mandated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  To effectively support our community in its fundraising efforts, we ask that any group seeking charitable tax receipts to be issued for contributions to please contact 4-H Alberta’s Development Team at prior to making any commitments to potential donors.
  • Gifts must be given freely and at arms length. Gifts can be given to 4-H Alberta in the form of monetary donations or gifts-in-kind such as gifts of property or non-cash gifts.
  • Not all gifts-in-kind qualify for charitable tax receipts such as gifts of services, gift certificates, non-cash gifts for which fair market value cannot be determined, loans of property, pledges, court-ordered donations, a gift that gives a donor an advantage whose fair market value is more than 80% of the value of the gift, and other restrictions. More information is available on the Canada Revenue Agency website here
  • Gift-in-kind require proof of fair market value and may require a third party appraisal. If you are interested in providing a gift-in-kind to 4-H Alberta please contact the 4-H Alberta Development Team to learn more. 
  • If a group is planning on hosting or being the beneficiary of a charity auction event, the organiser must be in contact with 4-H Alberta’s Development Team to ensure we can effectively support groups in providing charitable tax receipts for donor contributions, where eligible.

Please contact 4-H Alberta’s Development team at for more information on charitable donations including monetary donations, gift-in-kind donations, gifts of securities, and legacy gifts.

To make a charitable donation online, please visit, alternatively, you can also mail a cheque to the 4-H Alberta Centre at the following address:

4-H Alberta
Attn: Development Team
RR1 Site 7 Box 10
Westerose, AB T0C 2V0