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Our Mission

4-H Alberta inspires, mentors, and empowers youth to create positive change in communities through effective leadership.

Our Vision

Empowered and connected communities built by youth.

Values and Operating Principles

Honesty, integrity, and innovation

Respectful representatives of 4-H

Accountable stewardship

Continual growth and achievement

Our History

4‑H has been an integral part of Alberta communities since 1917, with deep-rooted history and tradition that stems back to the efforts of individuals that formed the very first club for boys and girls (later called 4‑H) in our province.

Each decade since our beginning has brought with it new challenges and milestones. The new vision and mission for 4-H honors the history of 4-H while transforming the future as we to strive to be Alberta’s premier youth organization.

Our Strategic Plan

In 2021, the 4-H Alberta Board developed a three-year 4-H Alberta strategic plan with a commitment to manage the plan. This strategic plan is designed to help guide 4-H Alberta in its work over the next three years. The intent is to help us shape 4-H’s future, follow a set of guiding principles and ensure that 4-H remains relevant, effective and viable. In doing so, the plan will remain fluid to ensure 4-H Alberta is consistent with and aligned with Member and leader priorities and community needs.

In 2024, the 4-H Alberta Board has revisited and updated the strategic plan to guide the organization through 2026. This updated plan builds on the foundation set in 2021, incorporating new insights and feedback from our members, leaders, and community stakeholders. The revised plan ensures that 4-H Alberta continues to adapt to the evolving needs of our community, while maintaining our commitment to the core values and principles that define our organization. This forward-looking strategy aims to enhance our programs, strengthen community engagement, and foster the development of youth across Alberta.

4-H Alberta Strategic Plan – Executive Summary 2024-2026