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Interests: Leadership, Public Speaking, Camp Programs

Projects: Cooking, Quilting, & Creative Options

Interests: Public Speaking, Leadership, Record books, Diaries

Projects: Creative Options, Goat, Record Book, Sewing, & Exploring 4-H

Interests: Club Activities, Member Programs, Workshops

Projects: Equine, Dog, Beef, Archery, Photography, Cooking, Outdoors, & Small Engines

Interests: Member Programs, Community Involvement, Camps

Projects: Archery, Sewing, Foods, Cake Decorating, Explore, Canine, Venture Out, Photography, Scrapbooking and Assistant Leader for Scrapbooking, Vehicle Maintenance

Interests: Public Speaking, Judging, Project Workshops (Beef)

Projects: Beef, Photography, Sewing, & Welding

Interests: Public Speaking, Camp & Member Programs, Leadership, Workshops

Projects: Archery, Market lamb, Ewe projects, Leather work, Horse packing

Interests: Public Speaking, Camp & Member Programs, Leadership, Community Involvement

Projects: Equine, Cooking

West Central Region

Interests: Camps & Member Programs, Leadership Opportunities, Workshops

Projects: All Beef

Interests: Leadership, Public speaking, Judging, Workshops, Camps & Member Programs

Projects: Sheep, Green Certificate, Veterinary Science, & Horticulture

Interests: Judging, Leadership, Camps, Record Books, Diaries

Projects: Sheep, Veterinary Science, Green Certificate

Interests: Diaries, Public Speaking, Consumer Decision Making, Leadership, and Member Programs

Projects: Leadership, Creative Options, Crafts, Cooking, Gardening, and Explore 4-H

East Central Region

Interests: Record Books, Diaries, Judging, Camps, Member Programs

Projects: Market Beef, Breeding Heifer, Judging, Sewing, Outdoors, Leadership

Interests: Community Involvement, Workshops, Leadership Development

Projects: Market Steer, Carcass Steer, Market Lamb, Individual Shooting, Equine, & Photography

Interests: Member Programs, Judging, Diaries, Record Books, Camps, Leadership, Public Speaking

Projects: Market Steer, Yearling Heifer, Cow-Calf Projects, Herd, Leadership

Interests: Public Speaking, School & Community Outreach, Camps

Projects: Market Steer, Yearling Heifer, Cow/calf Pairs, Vet Med, Photography, Carcass, Foods, Leadership

Interests: Public Speaking, Camps, Workshops, Judging

Projects: Light horse, Market steer, Heifer, Cow/calf Pairs, Welding

Interests: Public Speaking, Leadership, Camp & Member Programs, Workshops

Projects: Market Beef and Heifer Projects

Interests: Public Speaking, Camps, Diary & Recordbook Workshops

Projects: Light Horse, Judging, Junior Leader, Photography

Interests: Public Speaking, Workshops, SALTT projects

Projects: Poultry, Green Certificate, Leadership, Goat, Canine, Crafts, Photography, Cooking, & Judging

Interests: Public Speaking, Judging, Camps, Leadership, Programs, Workshops, Diaries, Consumer Decision Making

Projects: Sewing, Painting, Cooking, Marketing, Photography, Judging, Small Animals, Vet Science, Rabbit, Small Engines, Woodworking, Crafts, STEM, Junior Leader, Outdoor Adventure

Interests: Public Speaking, Camp & Member Programs, Community Involvement

Projects: Foods, Sewing, Volunteering, Leadership, Woodworking, Travel, Guitar, Recreational Pursuits

4-H Alberta Ambassador Terms of Reference 

For general Ambassador inquiries please email:

Or call Programs Coordinator Madeleine Luft: (403) 370-7337