4-H Alberta Celebrates and Grows Financial Confidence in Alberta’s Youth with the Support of ATB Financial

[MEDIA RELEASE] 4-H Alberta Celebrates and Grows Financial Confidence in Alberta’s Youth with the Support of ATB Financial

4-H Alberta is proud to announce the continuation of its longstanding partnership with ATB Financial, a strong and passionate 4-H Alberta Emerald Clover sponsor. 4-H Alberta is also thrilled to confirm the growth of the ATB Financial Confidence Workshops, based on ATB’s Building Financial Confidence Program.

The program launched as a very successful pilot in the fall of 2020, inviting 4-H Alberta members of all ages to take a closer look at the different aspects of their finances and financial activities. For many, being able to easily access a series of workshops that focused on their needs and skill level as a youth was an important highlight in their 4-H Alberta career and helped them grow their fiscal knowledge base as well as their confidence.

The ATB Financial Confidence webinar series will launch on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. and focus on the basics of credit. ATB and 4-H Alberta recognize the importance of fostering young Albertans to become future community leaders and setting them up for success by teaching them important life skills. Both organizations share a love and passion for Alberta’s communities and its youth which has been the core focus of their decades-long partnership and key to their success.

Having received many accolades for the Financial Confidence Pilot in 2020 inspired ATB to further grow the program and its investment in Alberta’s youth:

ATB’s Vice-President of Agriculture Jon Neutens says the 4H Financial Confidence workshops, along with ATB’s 4-H Loan Program, create opportunities to equip and empower Alberta’s future leaders in agriculture.

“These programs inspire students to have meaningful, critical, and informed conversations about their finances and lay the foundation for a healthy financial future,” he said, adding the 4-H Financial Confidence partnership aligns well with ATB’s overarching Greater Good strategy—a long-term effort to help build healthier communities across Alberta. “Access to education is critical to the future of agriculture in our province and teaching our youth hands- on, money management skills is one way we can support the overall well-being of Albertans.”

“We are very grateful for the continued support of partners like ATB, especially during these challenging times. The teachings of financial confidence are crucial – everybody needs to keep a close eye on their finances and have a good understanding of how to budget and manage their
personal funds. This is an incredibly important skill to acquire,” added Kurt Kinnear, Chief Executive Officer at 4-H Alberta. “It is very rewarding to work with a like-minded community partner who values and supports Alberta’s youth as much as we do. What a great way to facilitate the engagement and empowerment of youth in Alberta.”


About 4-H Alberta 

4-H Alberta is the new streamlined youth development body that combines the former three- party organizations that operated 4-H in Alberta; the 4-H Council of Alberta, the 4-H Foundation of Alberta, and the 4-H Section of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

4-H Alberta was developed after extensive consultation with Alberta’s 4-H community. It involves a new governance, structure and operating model that is efficient and effective, and supported by a modernized constitution/by-law alignment to coordinate 4-H staff and volunteer roles, and
build operational harmony for the growth of the 4-H youth leadership program in Alberta.


About ATB Financial 

With $54.2 billion in assets, ATB Financial is an Alberta-built financial institution. But don’t let that fool you—we’re so much more than a bank. We got started in 1938 to help Albertans through tough economic times, and today we have 174 branches, 141 agencies, a Client Care Centre, four entrepreneur centres, and mobile and online banking. And did you know we’re
fast becoming the digital bank and the bank for entrepreneurs? We’re already the place to work for our more than 5,500 team members who love to serve our 770,000-plus customers in 247 Alberta communities. To find out more, visit us at atb.com.

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