4-H Canada Enters New Era as Long-Time CEO Resigns

4-H Canada Enters New Era as Long-Time CEO Resigns
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Ottawa, ON, Sept. 8, 2023 – 4-H Canada, a leading positive youth development organization in Canada, will soon start the search for a new CEO.

Current CEO, Shannon Benner, has led the organization for over a decade, but will leave on Sept. 22, 2023, to pursue another opportunity.

“We are grateful to Shannon for her outstanding leadership and contributions to 4-H,” said Dave Hansen, Chair of the 4-H Canada Board of Directors. “During her time at the helm, Shannon had the foresight to lead the implementation of a range of initiatives that will serve the movement for years to come.”

During Benner’s time with the organization, a complete re-organization was undertaken, leaving 4-H in Canada with updated governance, strategy, and programs, as well as strengthened partnerships and financial health. Under her leadership, the 4-H movement in Canada transitioned from a federated model to an accreditation model that requires provinces to participate in a process focused on ensuring national standards across the country.

In addition, Benner’s influence extended beyond Canadian borders as demonstrated by her election as the Founding Chair of the Global 4-H Board of Directors, and Canada’s hosting of the Global 4-H Network Summit in 2017.

“Thanks to Shannon’s leadership, the Canadian 4-H Foundation is poised for continued growth and impact, which means that we will continue to see amazing new leaders emerge from the 4-H membership,” said Ben Graham, Chair of the Canadian 4-H Foundation.

“This is bittersweet for me,” said Benner. “I am so proud of all that the 4-H movement has accomplished and know that the movement will continue to grow with the support of the many dedicated staff and volunteers across this country who are all highly invested in 4-H’s continued success.”


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