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Archery involves a fascinating group of sports for members of all ages. The fundamentals are simple. The requirements are few. A new archer can be shooting fairly well within a short time, if he or she has the benefit of a planned approach to developing the basics of form.

4-H Alberta – 4-H Archery Mailmatch Competition

What is the 4-H Mailmatch?

Indoor Mailmatch is a Provincial Competition shot in the comfort of your own club! Due to the vast geography of our province it can be difficult to attend a Provincial archery competition, but the desire to see where you stand against other 4-H’ers is still there. Mailmatch allows for this to happen without having to travel further than your local club. Each month an archer can submit one score and the highest of the four scores shot throughout the designated time period will be used to determine your final placing.

Each scoring month runs from the 1st to the last day. All results will be sent out by e-mail each month.

Coordinator Information           Jody Wacowich            403-823-0242

Who can participate?

Any 4-H member registered in the archery project for the 2019/20 4-H year can participate. Below are some of the benefits to participating in the mailmatch competition:

  • Convenient, compete in a Provincial Competition, without travelling farther than your home club
  • E-mailed Results
  • The opportunity to grow your archery skills and competition experience.

How can I register?

Through the 4-H online system and let you club/archery leader know as well! Your archery leader should act as the local mailmatch coordinator. This person will collect and update the scores for all members at your club.  You can register anytime before December 31st.

To register your club for the Mailmatch, please contact the 4-H Alberta Mailmatch Coordinator at

Are there any costs or deadlines?

It only costs $10.00 per archer to participate. Members will register themselves through the online 4-H registration system by December 31st. Clubs or archers registered after this date, will be asked to pay a $25.00 late fee on top of the archer’s registration fee. The latest an archer may register is January 15th.

Information about 4-H Archery Mailmatch Competition  |   On Line Registration Opens Oct 1 – Deadline Dec 31

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