COVID-19 Update – January 1, 2022

COVID-19 Update – January 1, 2022

January 1, 2022

As always, 4-H Alberta continues to follow AHS guidelines related to COVID-19. Continue to follow your regular protocols regarding cleaning, wearing masks, and physical distancing. Nobody should attend 4-H events or activities if feeling sick or have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Check with your facility and call your local health inspector if you have questions specific to your area.

4-H Alberta is directly following AHS guidelines related to COVID-19.  We are listening to our community and working with AHS to provide clarity and support wherever possible to continue to support the development of our youth.

We will update our 4-H community with new information as soon as it becomes available.

The situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve. The Government of Alberta is updating public health orders, guidance and recommendations continuously based on evidence and the expert advice of our public health officials. You are encouraged to visit regularly for the most up-to-date information.