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Introducing a brand-new adventure at 4-H Alberta – the Lamb Carcass Competition! Young sheep enthusiasts, here’s your unique chance to learn about lamb grading and discover the best cuts. With our in-depth guidelines, you’ll dive into a whole new world of farming fun. So, are you ready to join us in this new adventure?

Ready, set, go! If you want to learn more, click on the Competition Guidelines here: 2024 Lamb Carcass Competition Guidelines.

Goal: The goal of the Lamb Carcass Competition will be to meet the high standards for marketing directly to the consumer.


Requirements: A 4-H member in good standing, located and registered in 4-H Alberta, please refer to 4-H Alberta Sheep Standards in addition to the following:

  • To be entered in the competition, members must complete the online Provincial Registration form including payment and register with their club. Deadline is May 15, 2024.
  • For members who registered in the competition Market Lambs must be weighed, tagged May 1, 2024 with 4-H (Note: 4-H tag means Visual ID tag used to identify the lamb as a 4-H project) and CSIP Tags and registered by May 15, 2024– register at https://www.4habregistration.ca (including required animal information and $85 registration fee) and 4 photos (front(ear tag must be visible), left side, right side and CSIPTag) submitted to the Lamb Carcass Google Classroom – https://classroom.google.com/c/NjQ0NDg2NTQyNTY3?cjc=t5i7mgq


Abattoir Location Delivery Harvest Grading
Pure Country Strathmore June 23 June 24 June 25
Sangudo Meats July 4 July 5 July 6
McLane Meats Wetaskiwin July 9 July 9 July 10


****Please Note:
  • Research shows that castrated males produce a more ideal carcass. For this competition it is recommended that male lambs are registered
  • Harvest site information is provided at the time of registration. Please indicate your preferred harvest location. These will be filled on a first come, first served basis. The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel any location if there are not at least 5 animals registered at that location. If more than 15 animals are booked at one abattoir, members may be asked to switch to an alternative location/date.
  • Members must agree to deliver the animal to one of the Abattoir, selected by the 4-H Alberta Sheep Carcass Committee on the date specified, as selected at registration.
  • Members must provide final pictures or a short video of member and animal(side, front and CSIP ear tag and cleanliness of the lamb) within a week of delivery to the Abattoir for live evaluation (Please refer to the Carcass Competition- please upload pictures or video to Google Classroom. https://classroom.google.com/c/NjQ0NDg2NTQyNTY3?cjc=t5i7mgq
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation about their project (refer to #9) on the Lamb Carcass Competition point sheet).
  • For regions, districts and local Achievement Day Sale committees that allow replacement of animals, the following applies. Local level rules must be adhered to.
    • If the entry into the 4-H Alberta Lamb Carcass Competition is a companion animal to a Market Lamb Live Project and is used to replace that project; the entry is cancelled and fee is forfeited. Members may only switch once and the member will be required to provide proof from the Committee to Tracy Dietrich Tracy.Dietrich@4HAB.com within 1 week of the approved switch.


For more information contact any of the following Committee Members:

Tracy Dietrich                  Tracy.Dietrich@4HAB.com                Ph: 780-781-1003 – 4-H Alberta

Lavern Seib                         laverneseib@gmail.com                     Ph: 403-304-2447

Jackie Stadyk                    jlstadnyk7@gmail.com                        Ph: 780-785-8129

Nikki Pelzter                       nikkipeltzer@4hab.com                     Ph: 403-793-1663