Cathy Price

Diversity Director

Cathy wants to live in a world where all youth are empowered to spark positive change in the world around them, all houses are self-cleaning, and all socks are happily re-united with lost mates.

As a teacher in Golden Hills School Division and a lifelong 4-Her, she’s been working with rural youth and communities for the past 20 years.  When she is not leading the Kneehill 4-H Multi Club, helping students explore meaningful life paths, or planning community-based learning experiences, you can find her running around with… or after… any of her four children.

With an aptitude in community-based education, inquiry learning, and rural development, Cathy is recognized by industry, educational partners, and her colleagues as a leader. In particular, the work she has done in the areas of Agriculture Education and Career Exploration has received significant interest both provincially and nationally.  Cathy has had the honour of presenting at the Canadian Growing the Agri-Workforce Summit, Alberta Beef Industry Conference, Rural Education Symposium, Agriculture for Life Education Symposiums, Inside Education Agriculture Teacher Tour, and Alberta Urban Municipal Affairs Conference ATCO Reception.

Cathy is honoured to have served as a volunteer on the Interim 4-H Alberta Board and strived, alongside her colleagues on that board, to establish clear vision and purposeful direction for 4-H Alberta.