Dorothy Carlson

Platinum Jubilee Medal Recipient

“Inspiring Leadership and Unwavering Dedication to 4-H and Beyond”

Dorothy Carlson’s leadership and unwavering dedication have made a lasting impact on the 4-H program and the lives of countless members. As the General Leader and project leader for the Cherhill 4-H Multi Club, Dorothy has faced the challenges of coordinating a large multi-club with grace, ensuring that every member’s voice is heard.

Promoting teamwork is central to Dorothy’s leadership style, and her efforts are reflected in the strong collaborative spirit of both the club and the community. Even though her own children have moved on from the program, Dorothy remains committed, considering all club members as her own.

Dorothy’s ability to relate to members’ interests, involve them in project decisions, and encourage their progress has made her an inspiring 4-H leader. Her enthusiasm and mentorship have instilled confidence and pride in members, who are eager to share their project accomplishments.

As a dedicated 4-H volunteer, Dorothy’s selfless contributions extend from the club to the provincial level. She has participated in leader development opportunities, attending the Montana Leaders Forum and chaperoning the National Members Conference in Toronto.

Dorothy’s passion for helping others goes beyond 4-H, as she brings laughter, fun, and a sense of community to any task she undertakes. Her willingness to give her time and energy without expecting a reward exemplifies her outstanding leadership and dedication to those around her. Dorothy Carlson continues to be a beacon of inspiration and a role model for all who have the privilege of knowing her.