Dwayne Grover

Platinum Jubilee Medal Recipient

“A Lifetime of Dedication to 4-H and Community Service”

Dwayne Grover, affectionately known as “Mr. 4-H,” has made a significant and lasting impact on the 4-H community throughout Alberta. Dwayne’s journey with 4-H began at the young age of 11 when he first became a member. In 1980, at just 21 years old, he took his passion for the organization to the next level by volunteering and becoming the first leader of the Rainbow Riders 4-H Light Horse Club. Under his leadership, the club flourished, with 60 members joining from a 60-mile radius. Dwayne has a unique talent for keeping senior members engaged in 4-H, discovering their motivations, and entrusting them with major leadership roles.

Dwayne has also served in executive positions on the Stettler District 4-H Council, where he encouraged the council to undertake new projects such as the District 4-H Scholarship. In 1994, his dedication was recognized with the East Central Region’s Award of Distinction. As a co-founder and first chairman of the Provincial Equine Advisory Committee, Dwayne played an instrumental role in the development of new horse material released in 1998 and chaired the committee responsible for developing the 4-H Rodeo project. Additionally, he has been integral to the development of the Provincial Horse Classic, serving as the program coordinator.

In 1999, Dwayne embraced the role of Leader/Dad as his children joined the 4-H program. He spent 10 years with the Big Valley Out Riders 4-H Club before founding the Crafty Crew 4-H Multi Club to cater to his daughter’s non-equestrian interests in Communications and Multi Species Judging. Dwayne and Janet Kerr, the Provincial Specialist for East & West Central, organized Judging team to participate in the World Quarter Horse Show in Judging in 2002 and 2008. Today, Dwayne actively leads the Silver Stars 4-H Horse Club.

Dwayne’s commitment to service extends beyond 4-H to his broader community. He has received four 4-H leadership award trips, each time returning with new ideas and information to enhance the 4-H program in Alberta. He has served as the director of the Sullivan Lake West Agricultural Society, organizing both their beef and horse shows, and volunteered for the Alberta Summer Games held in Stettler in 1981. Dwayne’s involvement with the Canadian National Quarter Horse Show spans many years, culminating in his election as a Board of Directors member for the Quarter Horse Association of Alberta in 1997. He has also served on the planning committee for the national show and acted as a liaison with the Youth Association. In 1993, Dwayne was recognized by the Alberta Treasury Branch as a “Great Albertan.”

The 4-H community is incredibly grateful for Dwayne Grover’s unwavering dedication and service. His passion for 4-H, leadership, and community involvement has undoubtedly shaped the lives of countless members and left an indelible mark on 4-H Alberta.