Helen Andrews

Platinum Jubilee Medal Recipient

“A Lifetime of Dedication to 4-H and Community Leadership”

Helen Andrews is the epitome of 4-H leadership and community involvement in Strathcona County. For over 40 years, she has played countless roles, including wife, mom, farmer, cook, housekeeper, taxi driver, 4-H leader, volunteer, committee member, representative, bus driver, host, teacher’s aide, choir member, organist, chaperone, laborer, and many more.

Always willing and available to step in or help out with any project or event, Helen’s life mantra is about helping others. With endless energy and the ability to gather resources, she has been a groundbreaker in introducing new programs and workshop ideas to 4-H. As a driving force for marking record books, public speaking, and community involvement, Helen’s impact is evident in everything she does.

Known for her modesty, Helen never takes personal credit for her accomplishments, often using words like “we” or “us” when describing how things come together for an event. She constantly works and promotes 4-H and the community, exhibiting positivity and enthusiasm while encouraging those qualities in others.

Helen is a founding member of Focus on 4-H, SALTT, the Key Leader program, and Level 1 Leader Training. Her dedication to 4-H includes showing up to everything, even at a minute’s notice. When her family moved to a new community, she started a new club in Round Hill, yet still drives nearly two hours each way to be part of the Strathcona District and Northwest Region.

As a mentor to many, Helen’s knowledge and commitment are invaluable. Though she may have small feet, her footprints in the world of 4-H and her community are undeniably huge.