Joanne Gourley

Platinum Jubilee Medal Recipient

“A Life-Changing 4-H Guru and Role Model”

With over 40 years of experience in the 4-H community, Joanne Gourley has been a parent, grandparent, aunt, great-aunt, leader, and Foothills District Key Leader. Her dedication and knowledge have made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Joanne’s commitment to 4-H includes helping families, members, and leaders learn valuable skills by offering workshops, one-on-one training, and guidance on selecting projects or animals. Her resourcefulness and willingness to assist have made her an invaluable part of the community.

Known for her conflict resolution skills, Joanne listens to all sides and helps settle issues without dictating a solution, always remaining considerate and supportive. She keeps everyone informed of 4-H deadlines and opportunities, such as scholarships, workshops, camps, or exchange trips.

Joanne has discreetly sponsored members in 4-H activities, often using her own money and providing supplies from her personal collection. She is always ready to lend a hand in various aspects of club activities, from running meetings to completing record books or organizing communications competitions.

The lifelong skills and personal growth attributed to Joanne’s impact on the 4-H community cannot be overstated. Her unwavering support, encouragement, and passion have positively influenced countless lives and will continue to do so for years to come.