Leona Petherbridge

Platinum Jubilee Medal Recipient

“A Lifetime of Commitment to 4-H and Youth Empowerment”

Leona Petherbridge’s passion for the 4-H program has spanned over six decades, making a lasting impact on the lives of countless young people. At the age of 12, Leona joined the Bon Accord 4-H Beef Club, Bon Accord 4-H Clothing Club, and Bon Accord 4-H Garden Club. Throughout her 4-H career, she held executive positions in these clubs and received the club efficiency award multiple times. In 1969, she founded the Gibbons Sew and Sews, guiding all four of her children through the enriching experiences provided by the 4-H program.

Leona’s influence on 4-H Alberta extends far beyond the club level. She has been an integral part of numerous district and regional councils, serving as a Northwest regional council representative and a Key Leader for the Sturgeon district. Leona has contributed her time and expertise to organizing committees such as the Northwest 4-H Life Skills and Other Animals Committee, Sizzling Summer 4-H Style organizing committee, Northwest 4-H Fair Committee, and Focus on 4-H Committee. On a national scale, she chaperoned the Sturgeon District Ontario Exchange, Strathcona-Sturgeon Provincial Exchange, Prince Edward Island Exchange, and the recent Northwest Territories trip. Internationally, Leona chaperoned the Montana 4-H Congress.

In her community, Leona is well-known for her enthusiasm, talents, and unwavering commitment to youth empowerment. Through her dedication, many young people have received a strong foundation for their future careers. Leona’s remarkable contributions to the 4-H program and her community have not gone unnoticed. In 2002, she was named the Provincial Winner of the Co-operators and the Canadian Council 4-H Volunteer of the Year for her outstanding achievements and the Bon Accord Volunteer of the Year for her community contributions. In recognition of her continuous commitment, the Northwest 4-H Regional Council unanimously voted to send her as the regional representative to the 2004 Western 4-H Leaders Forum in Alaska.

Leona Petherbridge’s devotion to the 4-H program and her community has left an indelible mark on the lives of many. Her legacy of dedication and service will continue to inspire future generations of 4-H members and community leaders.