You May Think…

It may seem that I live a normal, vanilla life, but thinking that would be wrong. You see I’m not your average 4-h’er, I have been secretly fighting an evil not known to this planet for long. Its name… the virus, whom you may know as the coronavirus.

I have been commissioned to keep my community safe from this virus. You may wonder what exactly I have been doing to fight this virus, and that my friend is what I will tell you next.

In order to battle the virus, I have been socially distancing myself. This chosen course of action has been easy as some had known of the virus and were already keeping their distance. This might make you think: ‘Well, social distancing alone isn’t going to stop a worldwide pandemic’ and you would be right.

After the failure of my first tactic I had resorted to the second wave of defense: staying home. This is easy as I have more than enough things to do at home.

However not everything can be solved this simply, leading me to bust out the last reasonable weapon I have: using hand sanitizer and washing my hands. Lots of stores are supporting these two, so this is easy.

Now, you might believe that these strategies would be enough to stop or at least slow the pandemic. Well long story short, nope. This is it. This is total war. Anger led me to bring out the heavy artillery,  this ‘weapon of mass destruction’ is wearing masks.

I hope you heed my warnings of experience and tides of battle and decide to sanitize, stay home, wear masks and socially distance yourselves from other people. Please tell others about my covid-fighting techniques and get them to help end the pandemic.