Peace Region Volunteer Week

Peace Region Volunteer Week

This National Volunteer Week, we will feature one of our seven regions each day.  We kick off National Volunteer Week with a spotlight on the Peace region!

With over 2,300 volunteers helping to deliver this amazing program to our Alberta youth, we want to take this opportunity to recognize and give a heart-filled thank you to our amazing volunteers.

The Peace region has a very committed and involved 4-H community.  In an expansive area, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication from volunteers to deliver the 4-H experience to its members.  4-H leaders, volunteers, parents, grandparents, family members, and friends all come together to make sure our kids have amazing experiences as they “learn to do by doing”.

4-H Alberta thanks all of the many volunteers in the Peace region for their dedicated volunteerism.  As part of 4-H Alberta’s open call to submit acknowledgements of volunteers in the province, we have received a few from the Peace region to share.

We can’t say it any better than what was shared with us from our 4-H  members and family members, so here it goes…

Raelyn Peterson:

“I’d like to recognize 4-H Leader Raelyn Peterson for all the hard work, planning, dedication, and inspiration she brings to our Sexsmith 4-H Multi Club.  Each year, she facilitates the development of a club year that encompasses what the 4-H Members want to accomplish while also meeting the 4-H requirements.  She works hard to connect our club to the right people and to our community.  She’s always finding neat activities, connections, or opportunities for our 4-H’ers that focus on community involvement, giving back, skill-building, and good citizen development.

Thanks to Raelyn, our Club has gained a lot of local recognition for some of our projects like the Town of Sexsmith Christmas Light Up, volunteering at Fenton Greenhouse, and reviving some classic 4-H project skills like canning (preserves, salsa, jam, etc.)!  She posts wonderful photos of our 4-H’ers activities to local social media and always in such a positive and encouraging way to recognize our 4-H’ers efforts.  

This is the first 4-H Club I’ve been involved with where all of the Members look forward to Communications.  Raelyn whole-heartedly encourages all of the Members to develop this skill, and we kick off each “Communication Season” with an interactive workshop–but don’t let that sound too intense, our Members spend a lot of time laughing and practicing.  The idea is to see them walk away inspired and encouraged–and it works! 

Raelyn is truly a leader worth recognizing in 4-H. Her kindness, enthusiasm, organization, and leadership skills don’t go unnoticed!”

Jaime Pardy:

4-H Volunteer Jaime Pardy is truly a ray of sunshine in our Sexsmith 4-H Multi Club!  Jaime has incredible energy and positive vibes that radiate to our 4-H Members and Leaders.  As a fellow 4-H Leader, I appreciate the way Jaime perceives the world around her, and the level of empathy she shows to everyone.  She is incredibly encouraging and genuine in her approach.

A lot of the success our 4-H’ers experience with Communications because Jaime is so supportive and encouraging. Jaime is the first person to begin a round of applause and offer kind words.  She is a huge supporter of the 4-H Program and always looking for opportunities for all of our Members.  She closely follows all levels of 4-H to scan for programs, learning, contests, news, and initiatives and is very keen to share that back with our Club.

It can be a challenge to keep on top of everything 4-H offers, but Jaime tries very hard!  She truly sees the value in presenting a range of options and trying to align opportunities with our 4-H’ers personal interests.  All I can hope is that every club has their own Jaime Pardy–someone who selflessly shows up as part of the team and is authentically focused on Member, Leader, and Club success.

Katie Demeester & Jeremy Peters:

We are a multi club with three different projects.  We have an amazing group of parents who are at every meeting and activity day, they truly make our club go round. 

We also have two volunteer leaders who are rock stars. Both do not have kids participating in our club but come to each activity day excited to teach our  kids about a sport they love and are passionate about.  Without their experience and time dedicated, our club would not be complete.  So, a big thank you to Katie Demeester, who runs our equine cleaver project, and Jeremy Peters, who is a volunteer with our mountain bike project.

Katie Demeester (supplied photo)

Jeremy Peters (supplied photo)