To encourage members to take on part of the RESPONSIBILITY of leadership in a 4-H club by taking ownership of pre-determined 4-H program elements and to assist the leadership team in building awareness of 4-H goals and adding value to their community’s 4-H program.

To successfully challenge senior members to ASSIST other 4-H members to learn a skill or concept using effective leadership and teaching tools and theory.

To provide the opportunity to EXPAND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE for members who have been in 4-H for some time and need a new and exiting project to pursue.

To developing a positive attitude toward HELPING OTHERS IN THEIR COMMUNITY.

This Leadership Project Member Guide will guide you through the process of building a strong plan for your leadership project and will give you the tools to implement your plan with confidence. The information within will help you anticipate the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities you will encounter in your project. It is further designed to provide you with the character and self-discipline necessary to be a successful leader.


1. Member must be a Senior Member (aged 15 years old by January 1st) and have at least two years of club work. With the club general leader’s approval, members with less than two years experience may take the Leadership Project.

2. A member must submit plans for their leadership project using the Application Form in the Leadership Project Record Book. These plans must be approved by the general leader and club membership before initiating them.

3. Members must meet the “4-H member requirements”:

a. keep a record book during the year and when the project is completed must present it to their leader for evaluation,

b. prepare and present in front of a group at least a 3 minute communication activity,

c. demonstrate what has been learned at the club achievement day and

d. must attend 70% of club activities.

4. Members are not required to take another 4-H project, but may if they wish.

5. Members in this project will have all of the benefits of a 4-H member.

6. Members in the Leadership Project may not be entitled to all the benefits of adult club leaders.

7. Clubs may have more than one member in the Leadership Project.

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