2024 Judging Competition Results are in!

2024 Judging Competition Results are in!

On March 8, 2024, 4-H Alberta hosted its Provincial Judging Competition at Lakeland College in Vermillion, drawing 128 participants (25 juniors, 51 intermediates, and 54 seniors) for a day filled with learning and spirited competition. Participants showcased their skills by evaluating and ranking classes of livestock, farm products, and more, emphasizing the development of critical thinking, decision-making, and communication.

This event not only tested the members’ knowledge and ability to make reasoned decisions but also offered a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of agricultural sciences. Through engaging in activities like presenting reasoned arguments to judges, competitors honed their abilities to analyze and articulate their evaluations effectively. Members placed each class as well as provided oral reasons one-on-one to a judge. Seniors 4-H Members, ages 15-20, presented oral reasons on 8 classes, intermediates ages 12-14 presented 5 classes of oral reasons and juniors ages 9-11 presented 4 classes of oral reasons.

The competition is a highlight of 4-H Alberta’s extensive program, which aims to enrich the educational experience of its members through a blend of virtual and practical learning opportunities at all organizational levels.

The day concluded with a tour of the Lakeland College campus and an awards banquet, celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of all involved. On behalf of 4-H Alberta, we congratulate every participant on their excellent performance. A heartfelt thank you goes to the volunteers who supported our members throughout the event, Bevin Hamilton, the Program Head of Animal Science Technology at Lakeland College, the college’s judging team, and Lakeland College itself for their unwavering support of our judging program.

For further information about the 4-H Alberta Judging Competition or to learn more about 4-H Alberta’s offerings, contact Tracy Dietrich at programs@4hab.com or visit www.4hab.com.