Celebrating Success: 4-H Alberta Awards Trips at 2024 Spring Senior Symposium

Celebrating Success: 4-H Alberta Awards Trips at 2024 Spring Senior Symposium

Westerose, AB  – The 2024 Spring Senior Symposium at Olds College was an incredible event packed with personal growth, learning, and fun for 4-H Alberta Senior Members! With a total of 123 participants, it was quite a vibrant gathering.

From Thursday evening’s icebreakers and games to the inspiring speeches by Wacey Morrison, Jackie Payne, and Brett Gardiner, it’s evident that the Symposium was designed to empower attendees and provide valuable insights into leadership, teamwork, and mental health. The variety of activities and sessions offered throughout the weekend, including group challenges, horse connection experiences, ultimate bullfighting, yoga sessions, and even a talent show, ensured that there was something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

The Popcorn sessions on Saturday afternoon were particularly engaging, with a diverse range of activities such as animal-assisted counselling, post-secondary preparation, gratitude box creation, and discussions on social media boundaries. It’s wonderful to see such a holistic approach to personal development and well-being being embraced within the 4-H community.

And, of course, the highlight of the Symposium Banquet must have been the awarding of four long-standing trips to deserving members from across the province. Recognizing and celebrating achievements like these further reinforces the sense of community and accomplishment within the 4-H family.

Overall, the 2024 Spring Senior Symposium was a resounding success, providing Senior Members with valuable experiences and memories that will undoubtedly stay with them for years to come. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who made this program possible. 

Members commented: 
“It was an amazing experience. This is a very well put together program.”
“The keynote speakers were very beneficial to listen to. I now have a better idea of how to navigate the world, thanks to them.”
“Very incisive and fun”

“Connections that we make at 4-H events are so much stronger because everyone is a leader, and you can relate to other people because we are all leaders and role models for people in our communities.”

Ag Next Generation – Alberta Agriculture Tour

Date: July 15-19, 2024

This is your opportunity to explore the agriculture industry in Alberta! They jump on the bus with their fellow 4-H members and prepare for a whirlwind tour with stops at large-scale Alberta agriculture operations and local food producers. Overnight camping in Alberta in local communities and discovering the various opportunities in agriculture with hands-on learning! This trip opportunity is sponsored by AFSC.

Max B. Mayerthorpe 4-H Beef Club
Kaleb D. Amisk 4-H Club
Claire F. Crossfield-Madden 4-H Beef Club
Joseph N. RQB Rancheros 4-H Club
Avary N. Millarville Mutts and Mustangs Club
Jenna P. Sexsmith 4-H Multi Club
Kayle S. Country Roots Equine 4-H Club
Zachary S. Dusty Plains 4-H Multi Club
Evanee S. Hidden Creek 4-H Multi Club
Stuart S. Freedom-Naples 4-H Multi Club
Abby W. Strathmore Rusty Spurs 4-H Horse Club

Northern Alberta & Northwest Territories Camping and Agriculture Development Tour

Date: August 5-14, 2024

This is the ultimate camping trip. Pack up gear and load on the bus because they are heading north for an unforgettable adventure. Experience vast swathes of boreal forest and arctic tundra, mighty rivers and majestic lakes. Along the way, you’ll tour a variety of farms and agricultural enterprises to expand your knowledge on the diverse and exciting agriculture practices happening in your own backyard. Oh, and don’t forget the bug spray.

Tori A. Bow Valley Beef & Multi 4-H Club
Holly B. Shadow Riders 4-H Club
Jessie B. Millarville-Stockland 4-H Beef Club
Garrett F. Double Diamond 4-H Multi Club
Rylen G. Claresholm 4-H Beef Club
Kate H. Consort 4-H Beef Club
Devyn H. Foothills 4-H Sheep and Multi Club
Kolton H. Crestomere 4-H Multi Club
Waylon K. Grande Prairie 4-H Multi Club
Chase L. Gilby 4-H Beef Club
Victoria M. Cremona 4-H Club
Eva N. South Slope 4-H Beef Club
Colby S. Hanna Rangeland 4-H Multi Club
Mickey S. Freedom-Naples 4-H Multi Club
Isabella S. West Ponoka 4-H Beef Club

4-H Canada National Member’s Forum

Date: November 2024

Members Forum is 4-H Canada’s longest-running program. This iconic event is the premier opportunity for 4-H youth across Canada to come together for an impactful, engaging, and fun-filled conference in Toronto. Through experiential learning and interactive activities, delegates will connect with other 4-H’ers, explore career paths with expert mentors, and develop the skills they need for the future.

Kate A. Holden 4-H Beef Club
Teaghan B. Kneehill 4-H Multi Club
Addison L. West Ponoka 4-H Beef Club
Hailey M. Millarville Mutts and Mustangs Club
David R. Iron Creek 4-H Beef Club
Izzy S. Rollyview 4-H Dairy Club
Jenalee S. West Ponoka 4-H Beef Club


4-H Canada Citizenship Congress

Date: May 2025

4-H Canada’s Citizenship Congress is considered a flagship program that gives 4-H members knowledge and insight about Canada, its history and its systems. Delegates will travel to Ottawa to explore and develop skills related to civic engagement, governance, parliamentary procedures, citizenship, and politics as they prepare for the annual Citizenship Congress debate.

Kasey A. Hasting Coulee 4-H Beef Club
Kaylea H. T & M 4-H Club
Kade R. Iron Creek 4-H Beef Club
Reid V. Irvine 4-H Beef Club
Sara W. Strathmore Rusty Spurs 4-H Horse Club
Alexander W. Taber Corn Dawgs 4-H Club

In the event a member is unable to travel, one of the following members will be contacted to see if they are available.

Abigayle G. Alternate Bow Valley Beef & Multi 4-H Club
Joanna S. Alternate Rosebrier 4-H Beef Club
Jace W. Alternate Bon Accord 4-H Beef Club


Northern Alberta & Northwest Territories Camping and Agriculture Development Tour (NWT)


Ag Next Generation – Alberta Agriculture Tour (Ag Next Gen)


 4-H Canada National Member’s Forum (Members Forum)


4-H Canada Citizenship Congress (Citizenship)



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Northwest 4-H Region Delegates Photo

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West Central 4-H Region Delegates Photo

East Central 4-H Region Delegates Photo

Calgary 4-H Region Delegates Photo


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