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4-H is building a series of eLearning courses for volunteers and staff that will give everyone a consistent start within the organization. The first to launch is the child sexual abuse prevention course called Commit to Kids, which is offered by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection for organizations like 4-H.

4-H Canada, in partnership with each 4-H provincial association, offers two key pieces of training to all volunteers, screened leaders and staff.

Abuse Prevention – The Commit to Kids online training provides up-to-date, accurate and relevant information to keep children and youth safe and prevent sexual abuse

Duty to Report – This 4-H Canada document gives an overview of other forms of abuse, and the abuse and inappropriate conduct reporting guidelines for 4-H in Canada.

This is mandatory training that all screened leaders and staff must complete as part of their onboarding process. It is optional for additional club and event volunteers. Each province has its own plan to train all screened leaders and staff by May 2021.

Please note: This is mandatory training that all 4-H leaders must complete in addition to leader screening (application, references, and polic check). It is optional for 4-H volunteers to complete. This will become MANDATORY across Canada in May 2021. Thus it will be MANDATORY for all club years going forward until further notice or changes.