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The Commit to Kids training outlines:
  • What is Child Sexual Abuse and Grooming
  • How to Support a Child During a Disclosure and The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse*
  • Reporting Concerns of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct

**The Commit to Kids training is there to provide you with supportive techniques and youth safety guidelines. However, it contains material that may be disturbing to some viewers. It is necessary for it to stress why it is important for leaders to remain vigilant about youth safety, and be prepared if a youth were to disclose abuse. We encourage you to take this training at your own pace, and to take breaks when needed. If the training triggers upsetting feelings, please reach out to a trusted friend or health care professional to debrief.**

This is mandatory training that all trained leaders, Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), 4-H Alberta Board Members and staff must complete as part of their onboarding process. It is optional for additional club and event volunteers. For more information on who needs to be trained visit the Youth Safety at 4-H in Canada

To access the Commit to Kids: Please read the pdf linked below

 Commit to Kids – How to Access Training 

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Have you completed Youth Safety in Canada Training? If not, click here: Youth Safety at 4-H in Canada – 4-H Alberta 

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