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The safety and well-being of youth members is our shared priority across 4-H in Alberta, and it sits at the core of our 4-H Positive Youth Development Formula.

4-H Alberta is working in partnership with 4-H Canada to ensure that 4-H has consistent policies and procedures in place across the country to provide successful and safe programs for all youth, to safeguard the trust and loyalty of families, and to ensure leaders have the resources and training to feel supported and prepared.

Youth Safety at 4-H in Canada Policy Manual

This policy manual ensures industry standards and best practices are in place across the network of 4-H organizations in Canada. In addition, provincial organizations have detailed procedures that outline how the policies are implemented, with clear steps for staff and leaders.

Our policy is available to families, leaders, and staff to ensure everyone has the same understanding of the commitment to youth safety.

Youth Safety Reporting

4-H Alberta considers the safety and well-being of 4-H youth members its top priority. Below you will find links to conveniently submit Activity Plan and Incident Report forms directly to 4-H Alberta.

Please submit the Activity Plan Form to Stacy Murray, Area and Accreditation Manager –

Please submit the Incident Report Form and any additional supporting files to Susann Stone, Chief Programs Delivery Officer –¬†

Youth Safety Training for Leaders

Completing the Youth Safety and Commit to Kids training are requirements of being a trained leader with 4-H Alberta.

To learn more about upcoming training opportunities, please visit our 4-H Leader Training pages or email

To access the Youth Safety Training Webinar, click