Seeking Volunteers for the 4-H Alberta Board of Directors

Seeking Volunteers for the  4-H Alberta Board of Directors

4-H is a youth development organization that guides, supports and inspires Alberta’s greatest resource, the youth of Alberta.  It is Alberta’s premier youth organization that encourages youth to learn to do by doing, and empowers them to become leaders and volunteers in their clubs, communities, countries, and the world.

The 4-H Alberta Board represents all of the geographic areas of the province and has the skills necessary to steward 4-H Alberta. Interested individuals will need to commit to a maximum of a three-year term to serve on the elected Board of Directors.

There are 4 upcoming vacancies on the 4-H Alberta Board of Directors for which the Governance & Nominating Committee will be seeking applications. These vacancies are:

  • Area Director for North West Region (3-year term)
  • Area Director for North East Region (3-year term)
  • Diversity Director (3-year term)
  • Youth Director (2-year term)

4-H Alberta encourages the submission of applications for these Director positions. Selected applicants will be interviewed by the 4-H Alberta Board Governance and Nominating Committee. Qualified candidates for the Area Directors will be sent back to the respective Regions to vote in their nominee for Area Director by April 1, 2022. In the event of a tie, the final candidate will be determined by the 4-H Alberta Governance and Nominating Committee.

Please complete the application form which is available on the 4-H Website and include a resume.

Candidates ideally would have several of the following strengths: 

  • Youth Development
  • Finance
  • Community Development 
  • Canadian Law
  • 4-H Alumnus
  • IS/IT Systems 
  • Risk Management
  • Agriculture
  • Human Resources
  • Not-For-Profit Governance
  • Communications
  • Policy Development
  • Government Relations

4-H Alberta Board of Director Role:

The principal role and legal duty of the board is to oversee the strategic direction, management and operation of 4-H Alberta’s business and affairs. Accordingly, the board oversees the development of the overarching strategic direction and policy framework for 4-H Alberta, ensures that 4-H Alberta’s activities are consistent with its mandate and evaluates the organization’s overall efficiency and effectiveness in using financial and human resources to meet 4-H Alberta’s objectives.

These duties are mainly discharged through board oversight of the Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for overseeing the management and day to day operations of 4-H Alberta. The board is responsible for the selection, monitoring and evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for the quality and performance of 4-H Alberta’s administration. In this way the board assumes responsibility for the stewardship of 4-H Alberta.

4-H in Alberta is supported by hardworking and passionate people who are working tirelessly to create one of the finest youth development organizations in Canada.  If this feels like an environment that you could thrive within, apply now!