South Region Volunteer Week

South Region Volunteer Week

With over 2,300 volunteers helping to deliver this amazing program to our Alberta youth, we want to take this opportunity to recognize and give a heart-filled thank you to our amazing volunteers.

To wrap up National Volunteer Week, 4-H Alberta is pleased to recognize and celebrate all the leaders and volunteers in the South region!

Your support of the amazing youth in 4-H means so much. Thank you for all the time and committed effort you all put into supporting our youth in the 4-H community.  It truly is inspiring to see such dedication and passion for leading, helping, guiding, and shaping 4-H in our province!

4-H Alberta received requests to acknowledge a few volunteers in the region, Jody Scheirlink, Nikki Peltzer, and Monica Chapman.

Here is what some 4-H’ers had to say about these three individuals…

Monica Chapman

“Tireless helping and superb organizational skills. A great asset to our club!”

Nikki Peltzer

“Nikki is a long time leader and volunteer. She is involved in many committees and continues to lead her own club. Nikki is always able to help where she can – whether organizing public speaking, spearheading interview segments as part of other competitions, preparing financial reports, or helping the member; she does it all very well.”

Jody Scheirlink

In short, Jody wears many hats. She is a rancher, employee, neighbour, wife, daughter and Mom. Her schedule is abundantly full , yet she still finds the time to volunteer in many areas of her life. She volunteers at the schools her children attend, her community, and for 4-H (at club level and beyond).

Jody goes above and beyond to make great experiences for others. It can be as a 4-H leader doing behind the scenes work, to organizing many large 4-H events. Also by helping neighbours within her own community, or by participating and organizing rural community events.

Jody does these things not for any sort of recognition, but because she is passionate about leaving the world a better place. Nowadays, time is precious, and it truly is a gift for someone to volunteer as much as Jody does, ultimately so that others can have great life experiences.