WC and EC Regions Volunteer Week

WC and EC Regions Volunteer Week

With over 2,300 volunteers helping to deliver this amazing program to our Alberta youth, we want to take this opportunity to recognize and give a heart-filled thank you to our amazing volunteers.

As part of National Volunteer Week, 4-H Alberta is pleased to recognize all the volunteers in the central regions of 4-H, the West Central and East Central regions!

Your commitment to supporting the amazing youth in 4-H means so much. Without your time and effort, the 4-H program would not be possible. Period!

4-H Alberta received requests to acknowledge a couple of volunteers in the region. A WC region member asked us to recognize Teri Ormberg and for the WC region we were asked to recognize Tyrion Rosiechuk. Check out mor at 4hab.com

We can’t say it any better than what was shared with us from our 4-H  members and family members, so here are there submissions below:

Teri Ormberg:

Teri has been a volunteer and leader in our club for 30 years. She volunteers her time at the club achievement days and she marks the clubs diaries every year. She also sits on many boards in the town of Rimbey.

Tyrion Rosiechuk:

Tyrion is always the first one to step up and volunteer. She looks over the bank finances with the club treasure, sharing her knowledge in banking with the members. Tyrion helps with every event, activity, and meetings with out being asked. She always has the members in mind and makes sure they are the clubs priority. She is kind, polite and caring.

Not only a great volunteer but a true role model for the kids!!